Moving heavy stuff across the country’s rough terrain is a challenge to the best of the haulage contractors operating in Australia’s many cities and states. When they purchase prime mover for their fleet, they would definitely consider many angles and benefits, and compare the best models available. The requirement for heavy duty trucks is an ongoing one, because of the nature of the usage of these vehicles will require them to be replaced after every few years. This ensures your fleet is modern and it saves a lot of hidden costs as well in the long run.

The Australian Market

Heavy-duty trucks have been sold in Australia for decades now. The prime movers of all popular brands from Europe and the US are sold. But theAustralia prime mover market has been shaken by the Japanese products. More and more fleet owners buy a prime mover from Japanese brands such as UD Trucks than the more fancied European or the US made heavy-duty trucks. The reasons are not very difficult to trace. The major factors any driver or user of heavy-duty trucks would consider are that the vehicle has to be smooth in handling, especially over long trips. The gear shifts have to be comfortable. The cabin should be spacious and the windshield and rear view mirrors must provide ease of driving. Over such long trips, the driver has to remain alert and all these factors are necessary to ensure the driver does not get tired easily. Any user, when he goes to purchase prime mover, will look for these and other benefits as well.

Many Models to Choose From

The Japanese company UD Trucks offers a wide range of prime movers for different applications. There are models in the medium MK range and under the heavy-duty range, there are the Quon models in 17MT and 26MT capacity. Their gross combination mass (GCM) can range from 45MT to 70MT. Again, it is the buyer’s specific requirement and applications that will decide which one to go for while one does purchase prime mover.

Go by the Reviews and Ratings

Fortunately, there are many agencies and individuals who own and drive these prime movers and they also post their views on many websites, which are exclusively meant for the people who have a vested interest in them. Either they would be regular buyers of these trucks or drivers or fleet contractors or just amateur enthusiasts. So these portals or magazines which publish news on the prime movers also carry a lot of articles on the best heavy duty truck. You can subscribe to one of these and understand how the evaluations are done. Based on these and your own assessment of the vehicle, you can buy any. The Japanese manufacturers lay a lot of emphasis on quality and you should be able to observe this in their products. Their trucks are quite low on the fuel economy count too. When you approach a UD Truck outlet in Australia, their salesman/woman will be able to explain to you the long term savings by buying their trucks.